Services Provided

  1. Early Autism Intervention Program:
  2. Early and intensive work with kids with autism can have very favourable impact on developing the child’s potentials and better prognosis. Under our program, the concept building process begins with discrete trials imbedded within relevant interactive play. Programs and the type of play will evolve continuously according to the interests, strengths and the learning abilities of each child. Continuous encouragement and play will promote emotional growth. At the same time, focus will be on the transfer and generalization of the skills, so that the child can feel more confident with a number of workers and at multiple setups. New recommendations will be made on monthly basis, by evaluating the data, conducting observation sessions and meetings with the workers. The key caregiver will play an important role in the initial assessment and the individualization process of the child’s program. Parents will be provided with the same educational and training support as the support workers and will be encouraged to participate in the implementation, supervision and generalization of the program, depending upon their level of interest. They will be introduced to the therapeutic and educational approaches and materials, that seem more specific and appropriate for the child’s needs. Parents who show active participation and learning during this stage, feel ready and confident to self-manage and actively advocate for their child’s educational needs during the school years.

  3. Extended Autism Intervention Program:
  4. Designing home-based program plans for school aged kids on Autism Spectrum Disorder. Academic skills, Receptive and Expressive language, motor and adaptive life skills are taught, after an AAPT assessment, to target specific teaching goals and objectives. The plan goals should also complement child’s IEP to help him feel confident and successful in the school set up, along with dealing with any challenging behaviours.

  5. Adult Autism Intervention Program:
  6. For adults on the spectrum, I can help formulate and implement functional language, continuing education and life skills-based goal plan, after an AAPT assessment.

    For more information about the services, please check Declaration of Professional Practices and Procedures.